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George Garzone Crescent Group

Diese Veranstaltung ist schon vorbei


  • Mi 23. Mai ’18, 20:30


Porgy & Bess, Riemergasse 11, 01. Innere Stadt Landkarte anzeigen


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And in “Giant Steps” itself, Coltrane’s harmonic — steeplechase — étude, the band took special pains to play with expectations, flickering between a ballad tempo and the tune’s proper fast pace. But all through the set were surprises: solos, duos, four-way collective improvising, bass-clarinet interludes. With disparate phrasing and tone, the saxophonists varied the moods, and where they actually tried to replicate Coltrane’s loud, hard cry, they chose carefully.
That keening almost always came from the fourth saxophonist, George Garzone, who could reproduce it without seeming glib, through a real understanding of Coltrane’s improvising strategies and his own modest gusto. It was good to hear, even better because he offered only a taste of it." (Ben Ratliff, New York Times Music Review of Miles Coltrane: 50th Anniversary of 'Kind of Blue' and 'Giant Steps' Concert, Daring to Take a Chisel to Two Monuments of Jazz)

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