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The doppler effect, named after Christian Doppler, "is the change in frequency and wavelength of a wave as perceived by an observer moving relative to the source of the waves."

Doppler, the band, is a revolution. Spawned from the ashes of burnt out small town New Zealand dreams, Doppler have come forth today with their sonic arsenal to breathe fresh life into the tired suburban sound of alternative rock.

Proudly referencing the big guns, Doppler dismiss the plastic, cream puff, maudlin squeaks of today’s shallow copy-cats in a blast of true rock & roll - loud guitars, big drums and the rawest vocals NZ has ever heard!

Doppler are not shy about creating a heart-wrenchingly dramatic aural landscape. The full, unbridled emotional spectrum is prevalent at every moment, ruthlessly demanding the listeners attention.

The sound is driven by Simon Christensen’s thunderous drums and Daniel Wilson’s funky bass lines. Powerfully augmented by Matty Gorman’s scorching lead guitar and punctuated blissfully by the anthemic melodies of enigmatic front man Adam Wilson, Doppler’s tunes are not just simply catchy - they are seared onto your mind permanently from the first listen; an itch you will forever be happy to scratch.

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