Wohin in Wien

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Easy Action

Diese Veranstaltung ist schon vorbei


  • Mo 2. Apr ’18, 20:00


Arena Wien, Baumgasse 80, 03. Landstraße Landkarte anzeigen


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Hinter Easy Action stecken Musiker von Negative Approach und den Laughing Hyenas!„Often in its storied past plagued by drugs and jail time, Easy Action has a grim and gritty real-life feel, the outlaw kind that rockers like Keith Richards, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash know so well. It is a past that is, indeed, past "It‘s a choice; do I want to rock or do I want to use?" Brannon says, answering his own question. Any rock band worth its salt is damaged goods simply by virtue of choice; play wild, live wild, there is no alternative, and Easy Action is a rock band, despite efforts by pretentious rock critics and self-important "writers" to pigeonhole them in some movement or another.“

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